Meet our dedicated staff:

Tua Marina School is a very inclusive environment where all staff work together as a team to ensure the best outcomes for all. We are very proud of the following excerpt from the ERO summary:

'The school effectively caters for students’ learning and wellbeing. Student achievement levels in reading, writing and mathematics are high. Māori students are achieving very well against the National Standards. Quality teaching practices support the implementation of the school’s broad curriculum. E-learning is well established in classrooms. School governance and leadership is strong.'

Nick Raynor

Nick Raynor


Kerry Wilkin

kerry wilkin

Deputy Principal
Year 7/8

Laura Thompson

laura thompson 2017

Year 0/1

Caroline Abbott

caroline abbot

Year 2/3

Melissa Bryant

Melissa Bryant

Year 3

Sarah Gray

Sarah Gray

Year 4/5

Barb Keane

barb keane

Year 5/6

Angela Taylor

angela taylor 2017

Office Administrator

Jenny Steingraeber

jenny steingraeber

Teacher Aide
Office Administrator

Chris Ferguson

Christine Ferguson for website

              Teacher Aide

Lorraine Regan

lorraine regan 2017

Teacher Aide

Donna Booth

donna booth

Teacher Aide

Sue Gill

sue gill


Eric Desiles

eric desiles